Pre-Order Starcraft 2 and get a Beta key

Date May 4, 2010

Many online retailers have started giving away beta keys when you pre-order starcraft 2. From what I understand, you get the keys emailed to you instantly when you pre-order. Yesterday, Blizzard announced that sc2 will be released on july 27th so that mean you get to play the game for the next 3 months.

While all of the features are not included in the beta… yet… (custom maps). Both 1v1 and 2v2 are currently live and starting in 2 weeks (hopefully next thursday) they will unlock 3v3 and 4v4 which will undoubtedly make for some great team games with your friends.

If you still don’t have the beta, you are missing out! You can preorder it and get a key right away from Gamestop.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm?

Date July 2, 2009

Is Cataclysm the name of the next world of warcraft expansion? All signs are pointing towards yes! As of June 26th, Blizzard has filed trademark registrations for the name Cataclysm for computer games, paper-based products, and online games. Also, on the same date, was registered.

With Wrath of the Lich King coming to an end when players face off with Arthas, could this mean a whole new cataclysmic event in warcraft lore will go down? The last cataclysm that happened was the “Great Sundering” which was when the world of Azeroth was split into the continents that WoW players travel on today. Perhaps this expansion could have nothing to do with a new event, but take us back in time to see the events that made Azeroth what it is today.

Or… it could just be a trading card expansion.

Expect to learn more in the coming weeks, if not, Blizzcon is only 6 weeks away. If you remember, Wrath of the Lich King FAQ was leaked way before blizzcon.

Looking for a good power leveling service? Try IGXE

Date March 19, 2009

IGXE has been around for a while now but until now their power leveling service has been a bit behind. We have been notified that they are now offering a 1-80 power leveling service for $247. This comes with an Epic Mount & 225 Riding Skill, 3000 gold, and two gathering professions maxed out at 450 skill. They also guarantee that these are leveled by hand and it can be completed in 20 days. They are also having a sale on gold which is the cheapest we have seen within the last few months at $12 for every 1000g.

Head over to IGXE now to check out the deals before they end!

Bugged WoW Sword!

Date January 14, 2009

There is currently a vendor trash sword in the game with bugged damage that can be equipped by any level. It is called Enti’s Quenched Sword and it drops off Kreug Oathbreaker which is a 73 elite and roams around under Naxxramas in Dragonblight.

But whats so great about this vendor trash 2-4 damage sword? Well, its really 2-178 damage and can be equipped by a level 1. This is AMAZING for a warrior because rend is based off weapon damage. At level 13 it was doing 140 damage a tick with rend. Remember that roaster oven on T.V. with the old dude that shouted “set it and forget it”? Well, now you can “rend it and forget it”. Simply rend everything in sight and walk away as the dot will kill it in 2-3 ticks. I picked this up, put a crusader enchant on it, and took my warrior from 13-20 in a couple hours. You have about a week to take advantage of this awesome item before they put a lvl 70 requirement on it next patch.

Here is a little video showing a level 5 using this.

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Season 5 Arena and Honor Items

Date December 18, 2008

Bornakk made a post about the Season 5 pvp item tiers and cost. This seems somewhat inaccurate because there are also items on the badge vendors now. The epic sets are available for Badges of Valor and the blue ones can be purchased with badges of heroism.

With Arena Season 5 launching on December 16, we wanted to provide some helpful information. The method in which Arena or Honor items can be purchased will be slightly different then how it was before. For Arena items, there will be 3 tiers of purchasable set items that includes pieces for the Head, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, and Legs as follows:

Tier 1 – Superior (blue) quality items:

* No rating requirements
* Costs Honor and Arena points
* Equivalent to heroic dungeon items

Tier 2- Epic (purple) quality items:

* Medium rating requirements
* Costs Arena points
* Equivalent to 10-person raid items

Tier 3 – Epic (purple) quality items:

* High rating requirements
* Costs Arena points
* Equivalent to 25-person raid items
* This tier will also contain Arena weapons

In addition, there will be two tiers of Honor items that includes pieces for the neck, ring, boots, belt, bracer, and trinket as follows:

Tier 1 – Epic (purple) quality items:

* Medium rating requirements
* Costs Honor points
* Equivalent to 10-person raid items

Tier 2 – Epic (purple) quality items:

* High rating requirements
* Costs Honor points
* Equivalent to 25-person raid items